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Here's what our members are saying ...

"Thank you so much for the last video critique. I really learned a ton. Makes me wonder what I would do without this site. One of the best investments I've ever made. "

Joshua Gamble
Stanstead Quebec

"Thanks for putting this site together. I learned much more here in such a short time than I ever did in class."

Priscilla Taylor

"This is so cool! I've learned more in ten minutes watching and listening to this than all the other drawing classes I've taken...you explain and demonstrate everything so well that it makes sense to a complete novice (is complete novice an oxymoron?)...can't wait to practice!"

Anita Van Hal
Beulah, North Dakota

"Disney has this awesome program where they will reimburse us for any kind of training programs that we think would improve us as artists and help us do our jobs better. This site was one of the ones recommended by the Disney training department."

Jon Krummel
Burbank, California

"Your web site is by far the most bang for the buck.... keep up the good work. No wonder you are getting such a great response. You just work harder. "

Gardnerville, NV

"PS This site is killer! Just the reference library alone is worth the price of admission. "

Tom C.
Cincinnati, OH

"I'm way impressed with your style of teaching as well as your awesome work. I can say that your website is easily well worth more! To bad for me that I live in Detroit and can't take your classes directly. Your site is truly the next best thing though. Please accept my virtual hug and pat on the back. You really deserve it. Thanks for being there for everybody. You are truly an inspiration Matt!"

Mike Griffin
Detroit, MI

"I think your tutorials are absolutely excellent. I have learnt almost all I know about drawing from them in the past three weeks."

Anthony Forsey
United Kingdom

"Your tutorials and critiques are teaching me so much "it is not even funny!" I am definitely addicted to DTO. Thanks so much."

Sabrina Fiorella Larson
University of Milan

"Hey there! I am working fulltime and have 2 kids and time is not a luxury! Your site has allowed me to learn at odd hours and has been so helpful with learning the basics of creation! Thx so much for your awesome site!"

Tim Donahue
Salem, MA

"I paid for the yearly subscription last month. I am loving everything I encounter within your site so far. Even with recently starting drawing again, I think I am progressing rapidly. I admire your teaching style, your quips, gestures, and the PRICELESS tidbits of info you share while drawing... more than words mate... more than words! Your DTO site gives me a reason to look forward to each day while doing something that I love. Thank you from my heart to yours."

Romford, UK

"I have learned so much here, my drawings are almost un recognizable. You are never too old to learn".

Wales, UK

"I have recently become a member of your site. Your tutorials are excellent."

Loree Lam
Raleigh, NC

"I just wanted to tell you what a great thing you have here. Your comments on the critique are always positive and upbeat which goes a long way to keep struggling artists going. You are a very good teacher with much patience. I'm glad I stumbled across your site. I've told another young artist who took the forensic art course several years go with me. I'm sure he will find it just as magical."

Rick Croucher
Charleston, SC

"I love, love love your website! I'm learning so much. I'm actually taking a community college life drawing class, too. We are about to begin drawing the figure and I will be practicing with some of your tutorials first."

Sarah Thomson
Kentfield, CA

"Got to say you have set up one of the best instructional sites I've ever come across - educational, inspiring and fun. Keep up the good work!!!"

Brian Inglis
Surrey, UK

"Matt you are such a nice guy and always really helpful. You are one of a handful of people who have really helped me make progress."

Deanna Campbell
Sussex, UK

"I'm glad I found you and this site. It's given me my spark back! I just wanted to thank you for doing what ya do. This is awesome instruction and the fact that you're so accessible is just crazy."

Johnny Maxwell
Salem. NJ

"Really enjoying DTO and learning a tremendous amount. You are truly a superlative teacher."

Richard Nadeau
Toronto, Canada

"Thank you for providing such a great service. I can't tell you how much your site has helped me accomplish the goals I set in such a short amount of time. I've devoted at least 30 mins to an hour each day to get away from my daily life and practice your tutorials. It's been many years since I've drawn and painted and your site has helped bring back something in my life that I've been missing."

Dan Creekmur
Elmhurst, IL

"I've had a great first year and love everything about the site. I have learned a lot!"

Angela Buchan
Ayrshire, UK

"First, your tutorials are fantastic. Beautiful stuff. Just your advice on the sketchbook and the recommended reading list alone are worth the price of admission."

Iain Young
Manchester, NH

"I just returned from vacation and am so happy to begin my lessons with you again. You are doing a wonderful job!"

Karen Gale
Spring Hill, FL

"Drawing tutorials online is like having your very own personal drawing mentor, whom you can call on any time for a quick lesson. I know I've watched videos over and over - sometimes because I need a reminder and sometimes because I just enjoy watching them. I just wanted to let you know that you have helped me and I thank you Matt."

Stephen Elder
United Kingdom

"I'm very pleased with the site and the content. You have a real passion for this stuff and it shows not only in your dedication to the site but in the way you teach the content."

David Rude
Sterling, VA

"You have my respect for the wonderful teaching you are doing. I really appreciate and have learned a lot from you. I have been on the site for over six months and plan to stay for a lot longer. I must tell you that this site is fantastic. You are doing a lot more work here than I anticipated, Bravo!"

Marie Kaye

"I've been a member for 10 months, and I'm hooked. I just want to say thank you a thousand times for this website. It's like a paradise for artists who love to learn. Being a member is like to being a part of a special secret club, but it's not realy secret. As a member I have to say I watch your videos all day and night. You are a great teacher, thank you."

Andy Meyer
Baden-Würtemberg, Germany

"I am a new member into week two. Just wanted to thank you for the excellent instruction. I also received the Cast Drawing DVD, for which I thank you. I am working everyday on my drawing. Following the program you recommend for beginners seems to be working for me. The skeleton really has helped me to make some progress on my gesture drawings which are the most difficult for me. I will upload some drawings soon. Thanks again for all the effort you are putting into this website. It is truly professional and quite effective."

Karen Gale
Spring Hill, FL

"Thank you for sending the DVDs on cast drawing. I've watched the online version and gleaned so much useful information from them. I've never received such quality instruction before during years of drawing in and out of college. I look forward to regaining my confidence through membership"

Michael Dowdeswell
Nottingham, UK

"Quick personal service... this is what truly makes your site rock!"

Perry Schwalb
Metaire, LA

"After just one week, this has been so much more helpful than the drawing books I've read in the past. Being able to see you draw as you give the instruction is invaluable."

Kurt Perry
West Valley City, UT

"Thank you also for creating this wonderful site, I love all the tutorials and I admire your patience and your lovely way of teaching."

Maria Chihade
Wien, Austria

"I greatly appreciate the website and all the hard work that goes into maintaining it. I've learned more useful information from you in two months than several years of art courses in college.."

Clay Robbins
Centennial, CO

"I wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying this site! You've made it so affordable. It's a no-brainer, and much appreciated!"

Carl Cosgrove
Monroe, WA

"I received my Cast Drawing DVD and I love it! I am learning so much. I need to be careful of information overload.."

Sandra Brereton

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for EVERYTHING you do. I have enjoyed your emails and your website for some time now and decided its time for me to become a member. I am an amatuer at best who has dreams of one day fulfilling my life long dream of becoming an "artist". I am mostly self taught but find that I just need someone's help.....and I'm finding that help in your lessons. So thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Donna Heard
Hazel Green, AL

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. The site great...."

Kurt Aspland
Bel Air, MD

"I’ve recently subscribed to your website and I’ll like to tell you how pleased I am with it..."

Oscar Ortiz
Monroe, NC

"This site is indispensable. Thank you for all of your hard work...."

Jean Hauptman

"I just want to thank you for the teacher that you are. The way that you teach is so wonderful. So easy to follow. I thank you again for taking the time and effort to create this site. Best site I have ever been on. Thank you again..."

Kimberly Hunt
Glendora, California

"Wow! what a great job you've done with the site. Its so nice to finally find such an oasis of information..."

Jesse Dicy

"I've learned more in the first 54 minutes watching your tutorials than I did in an entire academic year.."

Brad Self
San Francisco, California

"Thank you to Matt and everyone on this site...I feel like I am getting world class instruction for just about free."

Dan Castelli
Burke, VA

"I just wanted to pass on a message of encouragement and say thank you so much for putting this amazing site together. I am by no means a serious artist but your site has helped me very much. Thanks so much for sharing your gift and great teaching skills. Keep up the great work! "

John Booko
Burton, MI

"I would like to say that your online lessons are amazing. I have been drawing on and off for many years now locked into the same old boring drawing process, not improving much. I now feel that I have new tools and inspiration for improving my technique and process, hopefully making better drawings in the future. This is thanks to you and the online drawing tutorials.  "

Jan Nordstrom

"I want to say that I love your site. Thank you for putting so much effort into this. I have learned so much in the past couple of days. "

Aurora Bloom
Powell, Ohio

"I love this membership! You totally rock and I have learned so much lurking around. Please keep up this amazing service, and thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

Michelle Philip
Boulder, CO

"I shall mention your great website, to all my artist friends!! "

Michael Parkinson
Canterbury, United Kingdom

"Hi Matt and everyone else! I've been a member of the site for a couple months now (though this is my first time leaving a post), and I'm loving it! My skills as an artist have seriously improved. Right now I'm working through the DVD's. Thanks for all your hard work on the site! I'm learning a lot! "

Andrew Wood

"I wanted to let you know that you are a great mentor to me. I have been watching your videos for some time now and I have learned a great deal from you. I absolutely love your drawings. You are truly dedicated to your work."

Ted Fritz
Long Island, NY

"I am a student in the BFA program at the University of Georgia. I can honestly say that I have been learning more in the past month from your videos and articles than I have learned in most of my classes at the university combined. I think you have a knack for teaching practical skills for drawing. You are clear and concise, and you seem to be very eager to help others. Don't ever give up on this site!  If only there were more art teachers out there like you!"

John Roberson
Athens, GA

"there has always been art that has inspired me but never ART INSTRUCTION that has, until now."

"Feels like I have a secret playbook to great drawing.."

Dave Jasinski
Cranston, Rhode Island

"I'm just so grateful to a great teacher!"

Andi Redfern
Shropshire, United kingdom

"DTO's videos on drawing are excellent! Certainly worthwhile purchasing."

Professor John Daly

"I learned more with your tutorials about figure drawing than from 3 semesters of my graduating college."

"Thanks again for a great product. I can't say enough about it!!! "

Richard Husky
Evansville, Indiana

"I've learned more from Matt's DrawingTutorialsOnline site than I've learned from any art class. It's well worth the investment."

Kim Jackson
Shreveport, LA

"Matt, your "drawing-tutorials-online" school has improved my anatomy drawings ten fold. It is a great feeling knowing you can get top notch art school instruction without the tuition, thanks Matt, you been a great help."

Jesse Tinajero
Houston, TX

"I find Drawing Tutorials Online very helpful and full of interesting material, especially the weekly articles."

Rafael Sanchez-Vallejo Bey
Málaga, Spain

"Matt - I'd like to thank you for this site. It's an invaluable resource for people like me - adults who work full-time and are unable to take traditional classes, but still truly want to learn the proper way to draw the human figure. Being able to log in whenever I have time and work at my own pace is great, and the feedback you provide is the icing on the cake."

Jami M. Lynn
Browns Mills, New Jersey

"I earned my B.F.A., many years ago. My personal style has changed in many ways since my art school days, however one thing never changes, and that is the rock solid foundation in skills that you are encouraging us to develop. Way to go Matt, it's a joy to update my skills from such a gifted teacher."

Paul Ostrander
Ontario, Canada

"Matt, your DVD's and lessons are amazing, I'm very excited about this site. Thank you very much for this!"

Mathieu St-Cyr
Shawinigan, Canada

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How To Draw The Figure From Your Memory Sample Clip

We just added a whole new series that will teach how to draw the figure from your memory. In this short sample clip we show you how to combine the rough skeleton with gesture line. Drawing the rough skeleton is your foundation to executing a solid figure drawing from your memory. In this step two we show you how to combine both key anatomical features as well as key gestural elements. The idea is to draw anatomy, gesture and movement all at the same time. Subscribe now to get the whole kit and Ka Boodle. Thanks for watching.

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